Monday, October 19, 2009

Hollywood, CA

Hello folks! The Whipps are in California again! Wow ... we were here in Hollywood in March, up in the northern areas in June, and back in Hollywood again in October. One can accurately guess we enjoy visiting California! :)

We chose to come to California not only because it's one of our favorite spots, but also because we have a friend from Australia visiting us. Hannah is one of Fletch's Aussie friends that I became friends with via facebook several months ago. She arrived on 9 October and is loving soaking in the American culture. We arrived in Hollywood on Friday the 16th just in time for our routine dinner at In-N-Out. If you haven't experienced an In-N-Out, then you need to head to CA, AZ, NV or UT!!! They only exist in these states!

We've had a fun, but relaxing weekend so far. Fletch has had some time to shop around the music stores while Hannah and I are hanging out about town. Our hotel is usually a bit exciting over the weekend with Hollywood-related activities throughout the late night/early evening hours! Let's just say our mothers shouldn't be here at this time! In fact, I'm starting to think I don't want to stay here anymore if it's a Friday or Saturday night!

I was really excited to try out a hip hop dance class at the 24 hour fitness in Hollywood off Sunset Blvd. I would love to be able to continue taking the classes, but our local 24 hour fitness clubs don't offer hip hop. Oh well. It was fun while it lasted! The instructor even video taped us dancing! I'm sure he won't include any pics of me ... unless it's posted under a clowning class! LOL

Today we walked up and down Hollywood Blvd looking at all the stars on the sidewalk. It is a much touristy area than Sunset Blvd. We also toured the Grauman Chinese Theatre. There is so much history in that building! After taking a little break back in our hotel room, we ventured out to find some homes of the stars. We saw (mainly hedges and fences) several homes including Michael Jackson's last home where he died. :( We also were saddened to drive down Rodeo drive ... after seeing a homeless man on Sunset Blvd making "camp" for the night. It was amazing to see such a difference in societies in a matter of 10 miles!

Tomorrow we plan on going to Universal Studios. Hannah hasn't been to an amusement park for over 20 years. I'm sure we are all going to have a blast! Fletch and I finally decided to buy an annual pass to Universal because of our frequent trips out here. The weather should be nice and we're looking forward to spending some time outside in the sun. :)

Hopefully we'll have some pictures up tomorrow. :)